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Forex or Currency trading is currently a 5 trillion a day market. Most of the volume comes from institutional traders, making it hard for retail traders to make money in this market.

Within the past few years a few programmers have written software called EA's or expert advisors or Artificial intelligence, the ones that did get released were usually just scams. The good ones have not been attainable for the general public. 


Some of these programs are finally available and are showing signs of amazing performance. The hard part has been finding and testing these. Finding one that performs without requiring continual attention has taken many years. But I believe I have now found reputable software that anyone can add to their own forex trading account and have the opportunity to change their investing portfolio.

Trading the forex market is not easy. I mean buying or selling is not the hard part, what is hard is not being scared out of a trade. And that means staying in the market long enough to let the trade work.

Unless you have a very large account your only going to be able to trade small contract sizes / pips or points.


This means actively watching the market by some means.


This is where an EA can make a huge difference in your trading. It will manage your trades and let you not be scared out of possible income.

It also means trading many very small contracts so you don't get stopped out of trades while waiting for the market to move your direction.

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One of the biggest mistakes people make when trying to trade the forex market is not letting a trade run long enough to make profit.

In fact many people who trade demo accounts do very well, then they open real accounts and start loosing alot of small trades.

That affects their mind set, and that in turn affects all future trades until the account has lost of all the money.

There really is only one way to not fall into this mind set of losing but most people usually give up before they find a way to either change their trading habbits or find an automated way of trading. I have spent 30 plus years doing exactly that, except I have found artificial intelligence that now can manage my account.

I will be sending out possible trading signals until my EA is finished

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